Saturday, February 14, 2009

Livingston, Guatemala and Las Siete Altares

The two things the guidebooks generally say are true – first, that Livingston is unlike any other place in Guatemala; and second, that there is not much to do besides absorb said fact. If you are looking for natural wonders, Livingston may not be the best place (though the Rio Dulce is said to provide beautiful surroundings), however it is definitely a Caribbean cultural wonder for those used to Guatemala’s ladino and Mayan culture.

The main town is a bit touristy and overrun by hawkers and hustlers; for a more realistic Livingston, it’s worth walking along the beach towards Las Siete Altares. One doesn’t have to go far to see Garifuna settlements along the beach, though if one is looking for swimming it’s best to walk for at least half an hour to avoid the rampant pollution. Las Siete Altares is an hour-and-a-half walk down the beach, and is a set of freshwater ponds and waterfalls; it’s not too impressive, but good for a swim. If you decide to go, it’s also possible to take a taxi to a bridge or back to cut the walk to 30 minutes; inquire at the entry booth for the return trip.

The beach at Livingston

Largest waterfall at Las Siete Altares

Tapado, a must-try seafood stew unique to Livingston (60Q)

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