Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Granada and Volcan Masaya, Nicaragua

I found Granada to be one of the liveliest places in Nicaragua, with much to see and do and definitely worth a long stay. Part of Granada is exploring the old cobblestone streets and admiring the beautiful architecture (eg. Antigua in Nicaragua), but Granada also has much to offer with surrounding attractions. It is definitely one of the places I wish I had more time, at least a week, to explore. I did not get the chance to go to the islands in Lago de Nicaragua, although they recieved raving reviews; I did get to go to Volcan Masaya, however, which although off the beaten track is definitely worth a visit. Only pictures reveal the size of its sulfur-emitting crater...

To get to Volcan Masaya, take any northbound bus to Managua and ask to get off at the entrance post; a shuttle can then take you to the summit for 50C, or it's a relatively nice 5 km walk.

The crater of Volcan Masaya; note the size of the cars

Granada from La Merced

The Granada Cathedral and Lago de Nicaragua

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