Sunday, February 22, 2009

León, Nicaragua

When Nicaragua’s crown jewels are mentioned, Leon is always mentioned with Granada. However, for the typical tourist Granada is probably superior. I found Leon itself to have relatively few attractions, with the exception of the large and beautiful cathedral on the Parque Central. Otherwise, its streets look like a less spiced-up version of those of Granada, and the natural beauty of the surroundings is a bit lacking. While it is definitely worth a visit to experience the city and its atmosphere (is it possible to classify as sobering?), if one is in a rush it is not a must in the Nicaragua travel plans. Transport to Managua is available in microbuses which leave when full from the Market for 40L; if one is Tica-busing from Tegucigalpa, the 9AM bus has an unpublicized stop in Leon.

Leon: Sandinista Stronghold

Cathedral in Leon, the largest in Central America

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wux said...

the cathedrals and architecture look really nice. but u never mentioned if the people were hot or not

where are ur priorities?!