Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sinaloa, El Fuerte and San Blas, Mexico mission trip

For a weekend, I went on a mission trip with LIGA International down to San Blas, Mx, a clinic next to the larger town of El Fuerte in Sinaloa, Mx. Although I was unable to get out to see the town of El Fuerte much, I had these impressions of the area:
  • The scenery is a bit like what one would find in Guatemala, with arable land surrounded by volcano-like structures
  • El Fuerte itself seems to not have many attractions, though is a good stopover town. Avoid the Hotel La Choza and crash instead at the Rio Vista lounge, which was less than $20 USD p/p shared in a double setup and had views of the Rio Fuerte
If you happen to be stationed at San Blas, there is almost little to nothing to see. With regards to the clinic work, the locals are wonderfully friendly and accommodating; however, I have mixed opinions about LIGA International's mission at said clinic, learning more on the negative side for what I see as a waste of resources. The mileage (and contribution) first and second year med school students can deliver seem limited, if any.

Clinic at San Blas, Sinaloa, Mx

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