Saturday, July 4, 2009

I-10: New Orleans to Los Angeles

To migrate to Los Angeles, I had to drive along I-10 for the majority of the route. Some of my impressions:

  • It's really hard to find Cajun food along the Louisiana route. Better luck going straight to the French quarter in New Orleans.
  • Having lived in Houston for a month and half, there is not much fun to do for the tourist; however, dinner in Chinatown/Bellaire can be nice.
  • Fuel up in San Antonio, TX, because gas prices only go up from there.
  • There is nothing between San Antonio, TX and El Paso, TX other than vast hill country. Although it's beautiful, stop wherever you can to get gas and food! And the speed limit is 80 MPH!
  • See previous entry for El Paso, TX.
  • The section between El Paso, TX and Tucson, AZ is likewise void of life aside from Las Cruces, NM. It is also among the most scenic of the drive.
  • Los Angeles, CA traffic is horrendous; avoid making it in during rush hour.
  • For hotels, I found Orbitz cheap at times, but without an Orbitz option Motel 6 was best for walk-in prices. (as low as $30/night taxes inc'd on Orbitz, $40/night otherwise for Motel 6)

Sonoran Desert typical off-highway view (New Mexico)

Texas Hill Country

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Count Comfect said...

Is there such a thing as NON-rush hour LA traffic?

Also, I sincerely doubt anyone will pull you over in W. Texas for going over 80.